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The Bikes

All our bikes have been donated.  They come in a variety of states and we check them over and fix anything we find that needs repair.  All the bikes have a detailed safety check.  We don’t know the bikes’ history and we haven’t carried out a complete restoration so we offer a 1 month warranty on all the bikes we sell in case issues emerge after purchase that we haven’t spotted and fixed or if adjustments are needed.  If you aren’t happy with a bike we’ve sold and you return it promptly in the condition we sold it we are happy to exchange for something more suitable.  We charge a £10 cleaning fee if the bike isn’t clean.

We try and sell the bikes at affordable prices.  As well as preventing unwanted bikes become scrap, we also want to promote cycling locally as a practical and affordable means of transport.

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How to buy:

We operate the workshop several days each week – see the homepage or bottom of this page for opening hours this week.  There are over 100 bikes of most shapes and sizes to browse (see indicative pricing below).  We have a list on the website that are ready to go but others can be ordered from our ‘pending’ pile and we get them ready in 1- 2 weeks.  Contact us on the link below to find out if we have something that meets your needs or drop in and browse when we are open.

We take cash or most types of plastic.  Sorry, no cheques.

Typical prices for bikes that aren’t premium brands / premium quality:

  • 1st size bikes with 12 ½ – 14” wheels – £15- 20
  • 16” wheel kid’s bikes (age 4- 5) – £20-25
  • 20” wheel kid’s bikes (age 5- 7) – £25
  • 24” wheel bikes (age 8- 12) – £35
  • Basic men’s / ladies 26” wheel mountain bikes – £40- 60
  • Basic town bikes / hybrids – £60- 80

Other bikes are priced individually.